IT outsourcing allows you to enjoy the benefits of having a team of skilled professionals, without the need to recruit and retain such employees within the company’s ranks.

Do you want to delegate the operation of your entire IT environment or the management of a specific area of it? Find out how we can help you.

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At whom will IT outsourcing work?

Are the issues related to IT infrastructurein your company, are they consuming your team’s valuable time and attention that you could be devoting to achieving your long-term goals and growing your business?

IT outsourcing is a good solution if your company does not have its own IT department, but not only. We will also help you when you need specialists skilled in a specific area to perform a specific service or project that your IT department, for whatever reason, cannot perform.

What will IT outsourcing give me?

IT outsourcing allows you to focus on areas of your core business and use the resources you save to meet your business goals. When you decide to outsource IT, you outsource the management of your IT environment and IT support, instead of hiring, maintaining and training their own team of IT specialists.

By using IT support from an outsourcing company, you will not only save the time and money needed to recruit and retain your own employees. You will gain access to a group of experienced specialists in various areas who will take care of your environment and employees, provide the necessary security and comfort, which will ultimately translate into the development of your business.

Why do I need to outsource IT when I already have IT Guy?

It is worth mentioning that in IT – as in many other industries, we distinguish many different specializations. 

The perception of an IT employee as a stereotypical “IT Guy” is outdated and does not reflect the modern division of specialties that prevails in the IT industry. 

Who in your company deals with:

  • Setting up user accounts?
  • Selecting and purchasing equipment?
  • Configuring computers and printers?
  • Data archiving?
  • Backups of user data?
  • mail forwarding?
  • The day-to-day IT support of users?

What happens when that person goes on vacation or is otherwise unavailable? Does the IT service run smoothly and provide uninterrupted operation?

IT areas are many, and it is not possible to hire one person to simultaneously handle user problems, configure servers, secure the corporate network, implement backups and prepare positions for new employees, etc. To sum up – One person will not answer all the current needs of a modern company.

what can we offer?

Our IT Outsourcing is an always-available team of IT professionals who ensure your business runs smoothly on a daily basis. We are experienced in providing fast and efficient IT services to companies of all sizes. We are a Warsaw-based company, but we provide IT services throughout Poland. 

Check out the range of IT services we offer to our clients:


Predictability and cost control

No matter how complex the project you are implementing, both the cost of ongoing IT maintenance, equipment replacement and projects are clearly specified before the start of cooperation. You avoid unpleasant surprises while gaining the convenience of working with a single supplier.

Full data protection

Security of the processed and collected data is a key issue for us. We operate based on methods proven by us and thousands of IT companies from around the world, work with lawyers, and are ISO 27001 certified.

Peace of mind and business continuity

You put yourself in the hands of specialists whose goal is to ensure the continuity of your business. A system of remote monitoring of submitted requests with full documentation ensures that downtime caused by failures is minimized.

Opportunity to grow your business

Up-to-date knowledge of IT trends, investment in employee training and certification, access to the best specialists in narrow fields allow us to address not only your current problems, but to make a real impact on the safe development of your business.


Depending on the scope of services you are interested in and the size of your company, we can offer you different prices and different ways of settlement. The key is to identify your needs, for example during a free IT consultation.

If you would like extensive expertise on the IT areas in your company that are worth developing – use our IT audit.


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