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Why do you need an IT audit? Your business is made up of data, processes and people. In order for people to work, serve customers and handle data, IT infrastructure and appropriate systems are needed. Many areas of IT are therefore the backbone of your business.

Infrastructure, systems and processes must be properly configured, and constantly monitored and checked. Depending on the type of infrastructure you have – the scope and scale of activities will vary. This oft-repeated phrase is a fact – every company has different needs and faces different challenges. We’re here to identify them and help your business function at its best, starting with an IT audit.

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What does an IT audit consist of?

An IT audit is a review and inventory of your current IT infrastructure, software, hardware and processes in your company. Its execution is the starting point for planning specific works and implementing a reliable IT services tailored to the client. The audit also identifies areas in your company that need improvement or special intervention. This could be, for example, the area of user identity security.

A review of your IT environment by an external contractor will reveal areas that need your attention. Well-described and managed IT system means reduced maintenance costs and less risk of major failures or data leaks.

You may associate an audit with hours of downtime and the involvement of many employees in detailed interviews and analysis of the work environment. Unfortunately, this is often a misconception and an obstacle for conducting an audit, the conclusions of which can significantly contribute to improving the company’s performance in the following years.

Why start your collaboration with an IT audit?

Often companies come to us with a specific need that they think will help them solve an already existing problem with their IT infrastructure or business operations. When we proceed with an IT audit before the service is performed – it turns out that the problem lies in a completely different area than suggested by the customer. The conclusions after the audit clearly suggest thatpreviouslyassumed workload is not needed, and that the solution we can suggest is much less costly. It is invaluable in such cases to have an outside perspective from experienced professionals who know best practices and can suggest optimal solutions.




Over 19 years in the IT market allowed us to get to know the specifics of the work of companies in various industries and develop proven and effective operation methods.


We have certified knowledge and use best practices backed by years of experience.


Our employees are certified and experienced specialists in various fields, using professional and proven tools.

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We work with distributors, solution vendors and technology partners such as Microsoft. This provides us with support and access to the best solutions at the best prices.


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