Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the answer to the daily needs of rapidly growing businesses. Microsoft 365 subscriptions give you access to a variety of Microsoft cloud service packages and are available in a convenient and flexible payment method.

microsoft 365

What do Microsoft subscriptions include?

By choosing the right Microsoft 365 subscription for business, you can get in different configurations:

  • an extensive Exchange business mail service with Outlook application for mailing and organizing calendars,
  • Tools for efficient team collaboration and communication, such as Teams,
  • access to classic Office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, both in an online version accessible from a web browser and as an application for the computer,
  • access to a cloud drive(OneDrive) that will allow you to store and share documents securely,
  • document library and corporate intranet (SharePoint),
  • Azure Active Directory platform to manage user identities within the company,
  • Many other functionalities, depending on your individual needs.

We will provide you with support

At zgoda.net, we specialize in helping companies grow, enabling them to work comfortably, efficiently and safely. Our support includes providing any subscriptions, advising on the purchase, but also implementing the purchased solutions. In addition, we offer comprehensive support, both for end users and in the form of administration of the deployed environment. We offer individual training at each stage of cooperation.

If you need more freedom to manage your subscriptions, by working closely with distributors, we can provide you with access to a dedicated platform through which you can independently manage subscriptions for your employees.

Check out what’s included in our Offer:

Microsoft 365 subscriptions - a quick guide

In our offer you will find all available Microsoft subscriptions, and among them the most popular ones:

Subscription for companies needing basic business services. Contains online business email, web-based versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, enables cloud-based file storage and sharing with OneDrive and Sharpoint.

Ideal for businesses using classic Office applications with cloud storage and file sharing (Exchange mail not included).

Suitable for companies that need all the functionality from the above licenses (both productivity and collaboration tools)

Intelligent solution combining a fully installed Office suite, integrated collaboration tools and advanced compliance features along with full IT capabilities.

The most comprehensive and advanced set of Microsoft 365 services that includes all E3 license products and features plus the latest advanced threat protection tools. Provides maximum security and collaboration tools. Provides maximum security and collaboration tools.

If you are interested in purchasing a specific subscription or you are hesitant about which one to choose – contact us or schedule a free consultation and we will select the one that addresses your needs best.

Our Offer includes:

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More than 17 years in the IT market has allowed us to learn the specifics of the work of companies in various industries and develop proven and effective methods of operation


We have certified knowledge and use best practices backed by years of experience.


Our employees are certified and experienced specialists in various fields, using professional and proven tools.

We work with the best

We work with distributors, solution vendors and technology partners such as Microsoft. This provides us with support and access to the best solutions at the best prices.

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