MICROSOFT 365 platform

Microsoft 365 is a multi-functional platform, bringing together in one interoperable ecosystem the business tools and applications that facilitate the daily work and business goals of your company.

This ecosystem is the so-called Modern Workplace – a progressive, efficient workplace in a cloud environment where data is protected by world-class security.

microsoft 365

How will microsoft 365 help you?

Business development is primarily understood as technological development. These are investments in solutions that will help you achieve productivity, efficiency and data security at levels never before possible.

If this area is close to you, cloud-based solutions should not be new to you. Microsoft 365 is not a single tool, but a multi-functional platform that combines always up-to-date and modern work tools that translate into increased security and productivity in your company.

With the help of Microsoft 365 products, you will create the so-called Modern Workplace – that is, a progressive, efficient workplace in a cloud environment where data is protected by world-class security.

Technically, under Microsoft 365 you will find subscription services, available under the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. Microsoft 365 service is available in different subscription models, depending on the individual needs of your business.

Learn the advantages of working with microsoft 365 platform

We can talk about comfortable cooperation and management of the company when we have access to the most important data and files from anywhere and at any time.

Microsoft 365 offers a range of multifunctional applications for online and offline teamwork. Thanks to their integration with classic Office applications, team members can work together on a single file, track changes made, chat, or make video calls. All this in one service.

According to Microsoft’s research, the implementation of Microsoft Teams, which is part of Microsoft 365, affects the quality of internal team communication, and thus the comfort and speed of completing daily tasks.

The peace of mind that comes from knowing you are using secure solutions for your business is priceless. Advanced security tools included in the Enterprise Mobility + Security suite such as identity and user device management will enable flexible and secure remote collaboration.

The confidential data you entrust to Microsoft 365 is stored in Microsoft data centers with the highest level of security. Let the fact that the Polish Ministry of Finance, among others, stores its accounting files on Microsoft servers be a confirmation of their quality.

Microsoft 365 offers solutions to ensure compliance and enable risk management. The compliance center will help identify and respond to data privacy risks, protect and manage data with confidentiality and retention labels. It’s a must-have when we need to ensure compliance with key regulations and standards, such as GDPR or ISO.

WHAT do you find in our offer?

With us, you will deploy in your company tools from the Microsoft 365 business offerings, provide continuous care of your environment and secure your corporate identity and data.

Exchange business mail

A reliable business tool for handling emails, calendar, contacts and resources.

Microsoft Teams for remote and collaborative working

A tool that brings together in one place the most essential functionalities for convenient online teamwork.

SharePoint - a corporate intranet

Your corporate website for storing and clearly organizing company data.

Microsoft 365 administration

Care of Microsoft 365 environment provided by certified zgoda.net specialists.

Microsoft 365 subscriptions

As a Gold Microsoft Partner, we are selling Microsoft licenses/subscriptions at competitive prices.

Microsoft 365 Security Solutions

Security solutions from Microsoft.


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