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The cause of data breaches and infrastructure intrusions is often the human factor. Many times it turns out that the source of the problem is overly convoluted security systems. If you implement a multi-step and time-consuming security system, forcing employees to have several accounts, a dozen passwords and complicated rules, they will do their best to bypass these safeguards.

Services from the Microsoft Security category will allow you to implement top-notch smart security in your organization, while facilitating the daily work of your users.

digital identity management and authentication

Starting down the road to a secure organization should begin with the introduction of a domain service to reign in the company’s infrastructure and manage its components.

Azure Active Directory (AAD) is an identity and access management (IAM) service within the Microsoft 365 platform and other cloud services.

In practice, with Azure Active Directory, we create a single “identity” for a user to log into multiple devices and applications. This way, employees can log in to almost any service, regardless of device or location.

With a single password, users can gain access to all shares to which they have administrator-granted rights. You can block or grant users login permissions to specific devices, services or applications based on various factors you define.

By having Azure Active Directory, you can add more Microsoft Security functionality that will increase the level of security in your company.

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