Protection against cyberattacks

If you think that the need for protection against cyberattacks does not apply to your company – you are deeply mistaken. Providing basic security for your corporate resources is not an optional thing, but simply essential.


Where to start implementing cybersecurity?

The first and most important thing you can do for your company to increase protection against cyber attacks is to raise awareness. Cyber threats exist and can lead to unimaginable damage to your organization. According to statistics released by ZFODO in 2020, human error is 8 times more common cause of data leaks than any other technological cause. Without your employees’ and your own vigilance, as well as awareness of possible threats, you expose your company to gigantic losses, a shutdown and many other negative consequences.

Ensuring a company’s cyber security is not a one-time action, but aprocess. Protection against cyber attacks must be holistic, encompassing the entire infrastructure and taking into account how the company operates. The holistic approach allows to identify risks and ensure an optimal level of security.

never trust, always verify

At zgoda.net, we specialize in a comprehensive approach to providing cybersecurity in companies, following the pillars of the Microsoft Zero Trust Security model.

Instead of believing that anything fenced off by a corporate firewall is secure, the Zero Trust model assumes that a breach will occur. Each request is therefore verified as if it came from a foreign network, according to the principle of “never trust, always verify.”

Protection consists of both technology – that is, specific tools to enhance a company’s cyber security – and proper employee preparation, which can be accomplished through training. Depending on the scope of support you need – we are ready to look at your company and offer specific solutions. Check out our offer below or contact us.


Microsoft 365 Security

Security solutions from Microsoft

Cybersecurity trainings

Education and training is the basis for ensuring safety

Antivirus software

Basic protection of your computer from cyber threats

Cyber security affects your safety in everyday life!

Our goal is to increase cyber security and make your daily life safer. You face digital challenges more often than ever before in history. This does not mean, however, that you will never experience a cyberattack or related failure. Support from specialists is therefore crucial to maintain a consistently high level of security.


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