Helpdesk support – always-available IT support team. Ready to help you and your employees with problems with company hardware and software. Depending on your needs – both remotely and at your company’s headquarters throughout Poland.

IT support

What is Helpdesk support?

An employee needs additional mailbox? Need to set up a printer in your business? Searching in Outlook is not working? Or maybe someone in the company clicked on a suspicious link in the email and suspects that their computer has been infected?

Regardless of the equipment, systems and solutions you have – IT helpdesk support is an important factor in keeping your business running smoothly. The team of helpdesk specialists aims to make users comfortable, provide support when needed and help solve ongoing problems.

Helpdesk at zgoda.net - how does it work?

If you are our customer – your employees can reach us through a dedicated email address or phone. You can describe your problem to an IT specialist who is waiting to hear from you – this is the first line of helpdesk support. After analyzing the problem, we proceed to the solution.  It may be that solving the issue will require the involvement of a team of specialists from different fields and/or the purchase of equipment will be necessary. 

Nothing simpler – escalation is immediate with us because our team is in constant contact, and we are there to help you. We will take care of your problem comprehensively, keeping you informed at each stage about the progress of the work.

We use proven systems to handle requests and have 19 years of experience in IT support for our clients, which means we not only know how to solve your problem, but we know how to communicate with users. 

Helpdesk support in Poland

Our branch office is located in Warsaw, but we provide IT support to any location in Poland. We also support our clients’ overseas subsidiaries.

We adapt the way we provide services depending on the needs of the company – for some clients we are always available on site, others only use remote it support.

Examples of helpdesk support tasks



More than 19 years in the IT market means proven and effective methods of operation.

Response time

We offer an SLA and a specific response time to requests, agreed with you.


We use a proven system for handling requests.


We talk to you in simple and understandable language, we do not use bots and we take care of friendly communication.


We have certified expertise and use best practices.


Our employees are certified specialists in various fields.

A human approach

We do not underestimate your problems and do not waste your time.

Support of the best

We are constantly working with technology partners such as Microsoft.


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