Antivirus software is part of the basic protection of your corporate data, systems and devices. Having it is essential, but not the only action you can take. Combine a good antivirus tool with the management capabilities and proper configuration, and you’ll have a solid layer of protection in place for your company.


Why do you need antivirus software?

Malware consists of viruses, spyware, encryption software (ransomware) and other potentially unwanted software that, at best, can cause damage to your device. Every day you click on various links, open attachments, sometimes you need to download a file or program. To protect your computer from malware that insidiously exploits your every virtual move, you need always up-to-date, antivirus software.

Which solution should you choose?

The most convenient antivirus solution is one that runs unnoticed in the background, constantly protecting your resources while keeping the user engaged. At the same time, it should protect against a broad spectrum of threats – not only viruses, but also phishing, ransomware and other threats that can cause leaks or damage of your data.

For maximum protection, we suggest the Bitdefender solution. It is a multinational company, working with government organizations, businesses and individuals, in more than 150 countries around the world. Bitdefender is a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association – which is an ecosystem of Microsoft-selected security service providers. Bitdefender is the third-best antivirus program in the world to receive ICSA certification for Windows and the first to be awarded for innovation by the Europan Commission and Academy.

what do we offer?


Bitdefender has one of the most comprehensive feature sets comparing with other antivirus programs. These include both basic threat protection functions and advanced behavioral analysis.


Central security management

Remote protection, invisible to users/employees, one easy-to-use console.

Endpoint protection

Process monitoring, malware blocking, machine learning, disinfection, quarantine, rollback. Everything for both workstations, physical and virtual servers, cloud and mobile devices.

Network security

Bitdefender protects against theft and password cracking, such as from Brute Force attacks, and enables prevention of Network Expliots attacks.

Endpoint Risk Management

Identify, assess vulnerabilities and system misconfigurations and identify endpoints that put the organization at risk.

Protection against fileless attacks

Protection against sophisticated attacks executed from the command line before they are executed.

Bitdefender Global Protection Network

Identify threats with the largest cloud of more than 500 million protected machines and machine learning.

Do you have sufficient protection?

If you have any doubts about the quality of protection for your IT infrastructure or endpoint devices – contact with us. During a consultation or audit, we will identify areas for improvement and propose specific solutions.

Konrad Czarnecki – Microsoft Solution Sales Manager

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